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Our Company

Originally formed in August of 1987, PSC now operates two companies:

>>> PSC Inc.

>>> PSC International

Together, this family of companies provides services to industry from over 500,000 square feet of space in several locations. The industrial customer base is made up of customers utilizing wood products in many different industries including, but not limited to: household furniture, kitchen cabinet, office furniture, packaging, display, consumer products, dieboard, and housing.

Realizing that customer service is king, PSC has developed the key elements necessary to provide for customer JIT requirements which meet or exceed their expectations. Those elements range from necessary facility floor space to store adequate inventories, production equipment needed to provide operations required for the ordered panels, to the properly trained personnel necessary for control of the manufacturing process.

A strong material supply team is key to achieving excellence in customer service. PSC has developed that team of suppliers who have the same philosophy concerning customer service, product quality, pricing, and innovation necessary for servicing our customer base in a superior manner. Years of experience and feedback have enabled PSC to understand the supply chain and establish raw material inventory systems necessary to supply the customer when they want it and at a level of quality unmatched in the industry.

>>> PLEASE NOTE: All service and distribution previously conducted with the steel rule die manufacturers and packaging converters under the name “PSC Global” is now being accomplished by:

Freeman Manufacturing and Supply Company
(847) 287-8587

Our Customers

PSC’s customer base is made up of a wide specturm of wood panel consumers. The list includes members of the “who’s who” of the wood panel industry on one hand, to small customers with occasional small orders on the other. From large businesses with multiple truckload requirements to the one-pallet customer … this customer base illustrates how PSC has become the “big box” type supplier to the engineered wood panel customer.

Our History

With PSC’s founding in 1987, the owners brought a prior background of experience in the engineered wood panel industry to the new company. That experience included sourcing, production supervision and sales management, giving the new company a strong background on what the customer base would want, where to source the materials necessary to produce the products, and the manufacturing technology to produce as the customer would dictate.

Even with new production personnel, management’s training and transfer of their experience to those personnel, the company began almost immediately to develop a name as a company for whom the customer could expect utter dependability. PSC’s creed became: Provide the customer with the product they desire, at the quality level they require, on the date they need and at a fair price.

Over the years, with continuous changes in the wood products landscape, it became necessary to either change or add to the company’s profile. In the early years, the company profile was built on thin hardboard panel products. As more and more mills began to reduce their reliance on commodity hardboard products, it became necessary to develop a world footprint of suppliers. PSC International was incorporated at the turn of the century to fulfill the international sourcing requirements and the required warehousing. As a large part of the furniture industry began to move overseas, the domestic production company realized the need to diversify into a broader industrial customer base, increase the offering of engineered wood panels and increase its product capabilities through installation of more and varied types of manufacturing equipment. To achieve these goals, it became necessary to increase the footprint of the manufacturing facility, which was done in the spring of 2003.

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